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Publishing is no longer a question of ‘readership’ but of resonance. Only lazy, old media add up the numbers of individuals who look at what they publish, and leave their audience research at that. More astute contemporary publishing focuses on resonance and the shifting of forces within unacknowledged collectives and technical networks.
— Andrew Murphie

Processual Publishing. Actual Gestures looks at three main strands which situate contemporary independent publishing as: a locus for artistic practice (“The Art of Publishing”); a public platform engaging with its readership in a specific manner (“Publishing the Public”); and a potential site for countering hegemonic informational power structures (“Hacktivist Publishing”).The thread stitching these realms together is the examination of conditions and tactics for the distribution of knowledge.
Processual Publishing. Actual Gestures is in itself an act of making public what goes on behind the scenes. In this context the act of publishing is viewed as a gesture that accommodates the political, the artistic, and in some cases, the defiant. Gestures are located between the realm of discourse and the material act. A gesture is something preceding the action, and therefore signifies motion and agency of the most expressive and potent kind, precisely because it is so wrought with intentionality. It is this sensibility that this publication attempts to capture.

Mag.net Reader 3 Processual Publishing. Actual Gestures includes contributions by: Arteleku, Patricia Canetti & Leandro de Paula , Miguel Carvalhais, Constant, Régine Debatty, Jaime Iregui, Christina McPhee, Nasrin Tabatabai & Babak Afrassiabi, Andrew Murphie, Jelena Vesic and Simon Worthington.

Publisher: OpenMute
Publication year: 2008
ISBN/ISSN: ISBN 13 978-1-906496-20-3