there are basically two kind of human beings

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Almost von Arghhh from Denmark
May 1, 2007

There are two kinds of people. Artist and art critics. The boy is a brilliant art critic and he is trying to save the untalented little girl from an inevitable humiliation. The design of the sandcastle is unnecessary ostentatious. Its lacks structural empathy and the detailing is perceptual rigid. If she is not stopped now, she might make a wrong carrier move later in her life. It might hurt now, but later in her life, when she has become a successful accountant, she will thank the boy for his interference.

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Encontré este comentario a esta excelente caricatura en mi ciberflanear ciberantropológico. No pude resistir la tentación de romper mi lurkeridad para circularlo en este espacio, donde me parece, cae como anillo al dedo. Vuelvo a mi lurkeridad para continuar disfrutando de los acuciosos y sabihondos comentarios que se suscitan.